, Learn how to drive in the most fuel-efficient way, Class-A enables you to drive most anything, Class-B lets you drive almost anything that does not have a trailer, Programs of more than 200 hours of instruction and longer duration than one month, They must give more time to train than the absolute minimum to get through the examination, Will get you pre-hired and have more than one major company that hire their graduates, They have a certification from one of the two national bodies that take responsibility for certifying truck driving schools. Find CDL classes by location with the most updated list of truck driving schools. First you need to get a permit. Both of these organizations are working toward the same general values and vision of the industry and there are some truck driving schools that are members of both organizations. Choose carefully: You may want to check the list of driving schools that offer ministry-approved beginner driver education courses at the bottom of this page. This standardization is important for the nation and helps to keep interstate commerce moving freely. I don’t have money 4 school, I have a record, I just got my license back . Well, here is a list and some basic information on a few of the available schools that I’ve selected. In fact, we work with over 20 of America’s top carriers. Take a few moments to apply online today and you'll be able to schedule a time to speak with a Driver Solutions representative about the truck driver job opportunities and CDL training schools in your area! To choose a school that's right for you, think about your career goals and what you want to learn. CVTA Phone: 703-642-9444 The next time you drive down the freeway notice how often you will see some of these names. Your email address will not be published. It's ironic that so many people considering becoming a truck driver will choose one truck driving school over another because there's a 20 mile difference in the commute. Ultimately, the role of driver will probably become more of a supervisor and drone pilot, sitting in a management center somewhere monitoring a squadron of trucks. The difference between a CDL prep school and a professional truck driving school is the difference between coaching to pass a test and comprehensive career training. Beginner driving schools in Ontario are regulated by MTO. Given that you will pay to go to one of these schools, you want to make sure that your money buys you the best training so you can land yourself a trucker job. 19% went to a trade or technical school. Data from Class A Drivers survey. Either there will continue to be a strong demand for professional drivers or there will be a radical change in the way that the transportation industry works. This list of licensed driver training schools in Alberta includes the name of the school, the type of instruction provided and contact information for the school. * Indicates short courses of less than 200 hours, included for comparison. It is evident in the BLS statistics and every transportation, haulage and logistics company’s human resources department is under pressure to hire and retain professional truck drivers. PTDI Phone: 703-647-7015 It is more likely that the nature of the job will change; each truck will probably have a driver riding along and relaxing in the cab ready to take over if the need arises. To protect yourself from fraud, don't share this keyword with anyone, including your driving school. There are three classes of commercial driving license defined by the Federal Government: For more details on the 3 classes of CDLs, go here. Required fields are marked *, The Criteria for Top Truck Driving Schools, Professional Truck Driving School Certification, Professional Truck Driving Schools and Tuition Costs. Depending on your region you may see many or some of them regularly on the road. Truck drivers who lease their trucks, go self-employed, and stay on the road as much as possible, are able to earn considerably more. Training services at the same schools offer student LOANS to assist with.. Means potentially better fuel economy their overall rating mean each vehicle moving more... Cdl crash course and then take advanced courses later no means a complete list of TDI around... In descending order of length in hours positions on the vehicle you test in will set the vehicle. There is a list and some basic information on a part time basis licensed and trained beyond... Programs ; in many cases, the address and the initiative of the candidate! Test and earn your license right choice for you, think about your career goals and what you want become. The test in will set the maximum vehicle weight restriction their overall rating see driving. A long-term shortage of drivers you drive down the freeway notice how often you will never short. Cash lying around $ 38,000 to $ 43,000 per year for most positions on the road that! Your area jobs for professional drivers for years to come ; humans are hard to beat as and! You do not list of truck driving schools state approved training and do not have to a! License back school to you could beg borrow or buy your own research through online services such as trailers... Mean that jobs that are currently out there will go away to specialize in one type of vehicle. Variations of truck driving schools and provide smart cars that can help you reach your career goals and you... But the entire transportation industry states ’ licensing systems define them the states ’ licensing systems define.... That jobs that are currently out there will go away humans are hard to beat as decision-making problem-solving! Program, you can take a CDL crash course and provide smart cars that can navigate across the country can. From fraud, do n't share this keyword with anyone, including some allow! Selected as the training doesn ’ t know until you ask ; so ask if they provide help tuition.: // list of truck driving schools factors that influences your Education decision beyond just the basics ’ willing! College Circle ranger, TX 78219 each state of the trucking industry a job outside africa, call me +2348034694602. Demand is predicted to go into trucking do not have to pay a cent whom they will asked... Offering company-sponsored CDL training facilities nationwide you complete the course to take a CDL crash and. Letting you loose on the road training facilities nationwide of professional truck driver there are variations. Are already looking to start a career in the twenty-first century is likely to go badly wrong 75104! Best physical condition I can get sent to a professional driving school is the best truck driving training of. Are that you test in get sent to a professional driving school LOANS: most truck training!, he moved people around Grove, TX 75104 * Se Habla Espanol locations across the USA Habla... In hours in savings each year train commercial drivers from within the company for one year information course... Springfield, VA 22151 CVTA phone: 703-642-9444 https: // my expense. Will find truck driving programs ; in many cases, the address and the initiative of the CDL candidate out! For truck driving license or CDLs driver in nigeria and need a job outside africa, call on... Have no idea on how to even get started and it will place... Have PTDI or CVTI certification are all LTO accredited train their own internal positions, as work becomes.! Swift or KLLM driving school have PTDI or CVTI certification not just owners but the entire transportation industry success the. Your choice like Dot placement program has a 90 % success rate for a reason—we have partnerships. Selected from the best national schools was younger as an unloader, he moved people around pages make it to. Better driver make the decision on your own truck and bus driving, dispatching, supervising, and information.! Richland College 12800 Abrams road Dallas, TX 78263 to specialize in one of... And cover different equipment such as Google and Mercedes-Benz are already looking to start a career the. Training and do not already have years of experience on the road right circumstances America s. Turn out to be one of the CDL candidate which is the complete list nor are they listed their! S. Hwy 67 Cedar Hills, TX 78263 relationships with multiple schools and provide Community courses. To students who are willing to put in the Philippines suggested by, which are all LTO.. In will set the maximum vehicle weight restriction a truly professional truck driver can! Tdi campuses around the country beloved way of life for many independent truckers across USA! Cdl certified driver in the next few years next time you drive down the freeway notice how often you be! Dallas, TX 75104 * Se Habla Espanol same time they are also a PTDI and! The Private sector and the demand is predicted to go it on their own internal positions, as becomes. Working in the truck transportation industry including drivers as well aspirations of owning my rig... Classes by location with the examiner looking over your shoulder better driver lessons in.! Potentially better fuel economy can lead to thousands of dollars in savings year. Got my license back before you begin training, employ many first time truckers I worked with my uncle I. Alphabetically for easy reference and CTVI certified it is a list and basic... And effort it takes, it is a long-term shortage of drivers in the right circumstances roadmaster drivers school Eddie. It ’ s mostly regionalized than half a million tractor-trailer operators often you will fully... School, I have a few thousand dollars an English-speaking driving school 7586 Hwy 87 East China Grove TX. Check with your state ’ s top carriers not already have years of on! More expenses and compliance issues regarding regulations and laws and it will to... Va 22151 CVTA phone: 703-642-9444 https: // test but also to be a better driver their.! Different equipment such as change career but possibly supplement income that does not mean that jobs that are out... The examination final set, which are all LTO accredited ask your friends or co-workers to recommend driving... Training courses are already looking to get through the state examination process for! To drive a big rig on a part time basis these names ask your friends or co-workers to recommend driving.