Now, let’s take a look at the most widely used secure door locks on the market today. There’s the associated packing, folding, moving, bo, It’s winter time and you’re wondering how to organise your wardrobe so that your favourite summer clothes are put aw, Whether you’re moving house or are planning to relocate abroad, there are numerous factors to take into account in you, An insect infestation is the last thing you want to deal with. They are worthless if you have them but don’t use them! Your email address will not be published. So, hinge bolts are an investment that’s worth it. No hidden fees. Why Does My Oven Keep Tripping the Electricity? When faced with electrical problems, our hair might start standing on its end because this is such a tricky area for tho, We might not think about this very often, but our homes can sometimes contain a host of potential dangers to the safety, Thinking about painting your home, a room or furniture as a way of rejuvenating them and freshening them up? Choose a qualified experienced locksmith who will know the best locks for your particular door. Whichever front door you choose, we can measure, make and install it for you, so that you can be confident that it is constructed to the highest quality and expertly fitted. Some of the higher spec ones can be very hard wearing and can take a substantial amount of force from an unwanted intruder if fitted with additional door reinforcements. However, not all types of door locks fit all doors. Or, if you insist on having them, consider reinforcing them with tempered glass or window bars. Your letterbox should be installed at least 40 cm away from any locks. Yet our trusty plumbing can allow u, Our homes are precious to us and spending time taking care of them can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also add v, Lawns can be absolutely exquisites feature of a garden, as they help bring peace and tranquillity to space. But not all intruders will try to make their way through the front. Find a professional today to keep your home safe! Security Tips - How to Prevent Burglary Christmas 2020, UK Locksmiths Don't Need Qualifications! Front door security locks are the number 1 most effective way to secure your front door. Get reimbursed up to … And solving is what we pride ourselves in doing. Our company’s generosity is evident across all its platforms. That’s relatively easy to do, all you need is to check for the British Standard Institution (BSI) Kitemark and the standard number below it. So, installing ones that you’re able to lock is an excellent way to make sure your front door is secure. So, a bright light at your door can make them think twice about whether your home is a good target. Doors / By Constantin Moraru. from a security point of view! what makes your home a target for burglary. post about door security from the Met Police, read about the importance of choosing an MLA approved locksmiths here. This can be a tricky endeavour a, Plants are the crown jewels of our gardens and they can enhance it in a way that only flowers can. Don’t forget to secure your door furniture, such as letterboxes and pet doors. Security Front Doors FDL Doors is proud to offer the finest and strongest security front doors available. As experienced MLA locksmiths based in North London we have seen time and time again that burglars take the path of least resistance. Yes, burglars can get in through your pet doors, too. Different locks are required for different doors, so it is important to ensure that you have the right lock for an individual door. What about some accidental blood stains that got on your, A dirty oven is, in some ways, like a basket full of unwashed clothing. – Gama Windows. Image source: Shutterstock / Naypong Studio. Share with your friends! However there is really no substitute to having a proper 5 lever British Standard Mortice lock on your front door for both security and insurance purposes. When thinking about secure front doors it is important to look at each situation individually. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have on the subject of securing front doors. There are also a variety of standard locks and electronic locks to choose from. How to Paint Varnished Wood [Everything You Need to Know], Noisy Washing Machine When Spinning (Possible Causes). With added security and performance optimization, Front Door delivers fast and secure web experiences to your end users. Reinforcing Your Front Door. Our customers’ portfolio is diverse and we have many loyal clients who trust us to provide security… There are quite a few things you can do if you’re wondering how to reinforce your front door. If your home were a fortress, your front door would be the gate – it’s where intruders will try to storm the keep (most of the time, anyway). Tip 2: Seek professional advice from a Master Locksmith. You need to do your research on which lock type is right for you and your door. If your hinges, strike plates, etc. Why I Became a Qualified Master Locksmith. Application protection. BOOK A FREE SECURITY SURVEY EMERGENCY CALL OUT The recommended type of security bar attaches to the door frame and, when installed properly, can make your front door impenetrable. Security Camera Outdoor, Kami by Yi 1080p Outside Surveillance Front Door IP Smart Cam with Waterproof, WiFi, Cloud, Enhanced Night Vision, Motion Detection Sensor, Smartphone App, Works with Alexa 4.2 out of 5 stars 7,849 When a weak door is attacked in this way it is common for the door to give in despite the locks. It is important to ensure that it is second nature to all key holders to lock the locks when the property is empty and at night time. Install CCTV and security lights as an additional front door security measure. Reinforce your front door to prevent kick-ins. GAMA WINDOW & DOOR SPECIALISTS uses a broad selection of stunning designer entrance doors, including among the most extensive series of aluminium residential doors worldwide. Luckily, there is no shortage of methods to improve door security. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Important: Ensure the locksmith guarantees all work completed. I see so many cases where people have invested in the best insurance approved locks but fail to actually use them. Door security - break-in protection for front door security with strike plates, mortise locks, strong fittings, cylinders, bolts and additional locks. You can have the best locks in the world on your front door but it will mean absolutely nothing if your door is made of cardboard! So, now you are on your way to improving your front door security. How many rivers have we cleaned? TLS 1.3 is not yet supported. Was this post helpful? Many additional security options such as spy holes, door chains and bars are available, and we can advise on the best ones for you based on your individual requirements. Why not check our lock fitting service on quality lock brands. They are essential if your front door opens outwards, as anyone from the outside can get to the hinge pins and take the whole door off. Many people don’t realise that not using the deadlock invalidates your insurance policy! The presence of a good lock will be a deterrent however a habit of not locking your deadlock every time you go out means; This mistake is painfully common, I see it happening all too often and it is very frustrating for me to witness. Read our professional guide to the best locks here. Keeping a check on your locks is a simple but effective way to measure your front doors security. CCTV will make your home look well-protected, thus making a burglar think about whether it’s worth it even to try and break in. Don’t forget to secure your door furniture, such as letterboxes and pet doors. Naturally, if the door lock is insurance-approved, then it can be considered secure. Appealing entry doors improve any house’s look. We fit grilles that are; I do hope my front door security tips help you to have the most secure door on your street! Pick a sturdy front door with a solid core. Security grilles on a front door offer an added layer of security. You can place a horizontal bar on the inside of your front door. They are popular with retail and commercial properties and also lend themselves well to residential properties in many circumstances. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can read all about locks required for insurance purposes here. All rights reserved. They are made to measure and available in many styles and finishes to complement the property. Similar to the peephole, a door chain is a good security measure if you need to open the door, but you don’t really want to let the other person in. Enjoyed this article? If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say “I don’t deadlock my door” I would be a very rich man. Many break-ins occur because a door is “kicked in”. A good professional locksmith will ensure the locks; London, in particular, has a multitude of property styles from different periods and an even greater range of lock types. Our guide looks at uPVC, composite and timber doors and tells you what to look for when choosing the best front door lock - always look for the following standards and kitemarks. Let’s find out how to remove an entry door and what protection manufacturers offer. However, they’re a weak spot, especially if they’re placed close to the locks. For people who never lock their deadlock I usually recommend an auto deadlocking night latch. Front door security: how to prevent break-ins When choosing entrance doors, for most customers the security is the issue of primary importance. It’s simply an adjustable metal bar that slips under the doorknob to resist a forced entry through your front door, or any door. Union are high quality locks. What charity events have we organised? Front Door Security System. Here are the standard door materials, in order of the security level they provide: There’s no point in upgrading to the highest-security locks if your door can be defeated by a kick or two. If you don’t use the right locks and always locks them then you will not be insured. OPEN 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK You can read more here about what makes your home a target for burglary. So, keep your home and your family safe, book your locksmith service today! It’s unlikely. These gates are placed before your front door and should always have a secure locking mechanism, too. The security bar provides peace of mind, especially while sleeping at night! Browse the top-ranked list of Front Door Security Cameras below along … This solution is pretty straightforward – it lets you take a look at whoever is at the door. Wooden front doors are most common in London and having a minimum of two locks is a must on a standard timber door. Always remember to check the small print of your insurance policy for lock requirements. Easily book trusted professionals for your home and garden, Transparent booking process. If you want to cover all the possible entry points, you might want to think about boosting your garden’s safety, or even getting a home security system. Wide-angle peepholes are the better choice, as they allow you to see a larger area, so it’s more difficult for an intruder to hide. Let’s find out together! A reputable locksmith will use well known, high quality lock brands. For example; A lock guard on your door shows intruders that you take your security seriously. So, don’t forget about the door furniture and make sure you reinforce it. Whilst security grilles are not considered suitable in all cases they offer high security front doors where necessary. So, your locks are now as secure as can be. Best Front Door For Security (what is the best front door lock?) You can also add security storm doors to standard front doors for added protection. There are many different brands on the market. But they req, As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbours. security system. Security gates for doors are very popular in areas such as Hampstead, Highgate, Islington and Camden. How to ACTUALLY Stop Cats from Fouling in Your Garden for Good? Lock guards are mostly used to reinforce wooden doors with mortice locks. For more burglary prevention tips throughout your property read our Ultimate Burglary Prevention Guide. Front door security lock Types 10 year quality warranty security cylinders 100,000 times cycle test security lock machine. Monitor front door and access points with Doorbell Camera and Motion + Entry Sensors. A lock guard is an excellent visible deterrent. Whether you’re meditating, Worried about dents in your carpets and how to get rid of them? Front Door supports TLS versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Choosing a Door - Which Type of Door Is Most Secure? I recommend Union Locks (previously known as Chubb Locks). Check our guide on how to choose a locksmith. It’s not quite as good as a 5 lever deadlock but it’s the next best thing and much more secure than not using any deadlock at all. This is something you will require professional advice on. They’re a good piece of extra security for a front door and come in a variety of styles and makes. Security lights are an excellent way to keep the images from your CCTV clear, as well. Experience and expertise is paramount when it comes to secure front doors in London. You can read about choosing a secure front door here. They possess certain, The pride and joy of any home – our gardens are the tranquil spaces we love and enjoy. Is a Cleaner Allowed to Come to Your House During the Lockdown? Wood doors are a good security option for your front entry but it must be a solid wood door. Avoid locksmiths offering cheap locks at a cheap price as this can prove to be more expensive in the long term. Photo 1: Reinforce the door. The properties targeted are those that have overlooked front door security and security in general. Unfortunately rogue locksmiths are not uncommon. While that’s not entirely true, they truly are essential. While this is optional for traffic on private networks, this is critical for traffic on external and public networks. These products are very reliable and improve any security system. British Standard Institution (BSI) Kitemark, looking for some additional security measures, CCTV will make your home look well-protected, Where to Store House Deeds Safely and Securely in the UK. Front door security locks are the number 1 most effective way to secure your front door. In this case you do get what you pay for. The longer the screw, the more difficult it is to get past them. Yet, unlike the smelly u basket, tucked away in, The windows in our home are a reflection of the property’s inner state. If you want to improve door security drastically, opt for a front door with no windows. Buy our products at reliable rates in the UK and internationally! You’re probably thinking that having the most secure locks is the most crucial aspect of home safety. Check the locks to ensure they are not broken, old or rusted, if you do find this it’s best to have your locks changed or upgraded by contacting a professional locksmith. Read more here about cost effective ways to strengthen a front door. CCTV and Security alarms are a good deterrent but when it comes down to it the locks are what will prevent criminals from entering your property. These doors provide the benefit of added security to your front entryway while allowing air to pass through when the main door is open. We cater for a range of budgets whilst always providing high quality products and workmanship. Front Door Security. Wrong. Front Door conveniently places your contact information on the pre-lock screen making for easy return of your device. If you live in a rough area, have items of a high value in your home, or just want a bit more reassurance that you’re keeping your home safe, security grilles may just be what you need. Hidden Front Door Camera, Detect and capture, one button fast playback! What is a Door Security Bar? Then read on, because this post is just for you! We recommend motion sensor lights, as they are perfect for saving electricity while still keeping your front door well-lit. You can choose any one of the following solutions, or better yet, combine them to really make your front door impenetrable. 72 hours salt spray test lsecurity lock handles. It’s not only frustrating, but it ca, You’ve just been offered a long-awaited opportunity abroad that you can’t refuse, or you’ve decided to take the pl, In order to accommodate a larger group of employees or you simply need a change of scenery, the time has come to move of, Moving house is a daunting task that no one ever looks forward to. By using this website, you accept the use of cookies. Even if you have the most secure front door lock, and a burglar still manages to get in, you can always turn to your insurance company for some compensation, right? Most regular front doors aren’t designed to be security doors, but there are things you can do to make them tougher, like installing door armor with a reinforced strike plate. How To Make a Front Door More Secure – Front Door Security Tips! Criminals like to work in the cover of darkness. No fancy lock can fully prevent an intrusion if criminals manage to kick in or damage the door itself, for instance. Front Door's application protection is configured on each edge environment around the globe, in line with applications, and automatically blocks non-http(s) traffic from reaching your web applications. What cam, Fantastic Services was created with the purpose of solving a problem. The following solutions can stop a variety of forced entry methods dead in their tracks. How To Install a Security Door / Easy DIY. Keep weak, hollow doors for your interior and opt for a solid, sturdy one for your front door. Offering discounted services and providing special offer, Front Door Security: 6 Ways to Improve It. In this article, we’ll consider the weak points of the construction and burglar break-in methods. Are worried about you and your family’s safety; Are wondering how to make your front door more secure; Make sure your locks are secure and insurance-approved. read more from the MLA on UPVC door security, locks required for insurance purposes here, cost effective ways to strengthen a front door, read our Ultimate Burglary Prevention Guide, A 5 lever insurance approved deadlock (also know as a mortice lock).