There’s a camp mug included with this purchase that nests into the coffee press adding nothing to the packed size. This is a really cool coffee maker for caffeine enthusiasts who are serious about their camp coffee. Best Backpacking Coffee Makers Review 1. GSI Outdoors 30 fl. The compact, 30-ounce design is perfect for those who prefer a larger cup of joe in the morning, and also gives the camp mug better volume for stashing some other essential gear. The camping coffee makers we mentioned at the start of the post are quite bulky, so while they are indeed portable, they’re more suited for camping. In this post, we are featuring our favorite DIY backpacking recipes. This is a pretty clunky and cumbersome unit, if you’re tight on space then you’re better off with a larger french press for group use, Heavy duty coffee percolator built for long lifespan, Made of heavy gauge, marine-grade 18/8 stainless steel for excellent corrosion and impact resistance, Must be careful not to burn the silicone handle if brewing over the camp fire, Clean up is more intensive if dry camping. Good news is, it’s both an affordable and highly portable unit. Remember that stronger coffee generally means longer brew time and more grounds. If you’re in the market for a new, taller camping mug than check out our list of the best cups and mugs for camping. Backpacking Coffee Maker. Percolators are a great way to brew coffee, but they make the best coffee when heated around 200 degrees F. If you're using a camping percolator over the campfire (because you're living the cowboy life) it's nearly impossible to closely regulate temperature. Those coffee makers will make great drip coffee… Reenergize those backpacking vibes with a freshly brewed cup of espresso made using the modern MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker by Wacaco Company. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. 2:37. Type: Percolator Weight: 1.48 lbs. The included lid has both steam outlet vents and a drinking outlet, making this quite a nice camp mug even before the integrated coffee press. When it’s time to pack it up, this coffee maker collapses to nest neatly within your favorite camp mug for compact storage. Find more Stanley Cook + Brew Set information and reviews here. A battle-ready coffee maker that’s good to go for backpacking treks at an affordable cost, another winner from GSI Outdoors. The WIDESEA Camping Coffee Pot With French Press is a convenient device that integrates a french press into your camp mug, while also providing a bit of storage for your coffee grounds and even an ultralight stove! Ya gotta love Stanley! If you’re a minimalist camper who doesn’t like to travel with much more than their backpacking hammock and the necessities, but you still need your cup of joe in the morning, then this is the best portable coffee maker for you. The Keith Ti3911 Titanium is an ultralight pour over coffee maker ideal for lightweight backpackers. Capacity: 340 mL The nCamp is a portable camping coffee maker that is compact enough to make for a convenient camping trip. Simple to use no-nonsense. You can also try using really finely ground coffee for a slower drip and therefore stronger cup of joe. Check out the attached video below for a walkthrough of the Ultralight Java Drip and a few other pour-over units from GSI Outdoors. It's a time to appreciate the scenery, sounds and smells around you and look both outward and inward. Too coarse and the hot water will pass through the filter too quickly without extracting all the flavor and caffeine you want out of your grounds! The view knob also allows you to see the color of the coffee which is another way you can decide when it’s done. This coffee grinder comes with a glass storage container with a non-slip base. Companies like GSI make lightweight, affordable drip coffee makers for as little as $10. It’s only capable of making a single cup at a time, but given its rapid brew time you can pass this one around the campsite and everyone will be caffeinated in no time. The best part? We've included options that best represent each style for both regular camp use and ultralight backpacking. This French press does put your coffee in contact with plastic, but if you’re drinking it right away there should be almost no effect on the taste of your brew. If you percolate your coffee over really intense heat then you run the risk of a brew that tastes burned. It’s both tough as nails and highly effective at temperature retention. The stainless steel aesthetic will get dirty and dented eventually - but hey, it's camping! Cowboy Coffee. In terms of equipment needed, cowboy coffee is the simplest way to make coffee while camping. This is simply a pour-over device, with no coffee filter required. Here’s another ultralight pour-over coffee maker that’s ideal for backpacking use. If like me, coffee is a part of your morning ritual or daily routine then the thought of leaving that behind can be too much for some people. This unit enables the user to produce one cup of pod coffee on the go. Cafellissimo has crafted this filterless pour-over coffee maker from stainless steel. With a little practice, you’ll know exactly how long and at what relative heat to use this device. Stainless steel design means no hot water contact with plastic! Collapsible Coffee Dripper for Backpacking, Camping, RV’s, Travel, Home, and More! Ahhh, the joys of camping. nCamp Portable Stainless Steel Outdoor Camping Espresso Style Café Brewer Coffee Maker for Hiking and Backpacking. It’s a unique style of brewing that creates a full-bodied, flavorful cup of coffee representative of a French press, but also a super clean and clear finished product because of the use of a filter. With the camp mug, the two items weigh 10.8 ounces – still pretty dam lightweight. It’s exceptionally lightweight but perhaps a bit awkward to pack depending on your backpack schematic. That … Built from durable 18/8 stainless steel, the construction of this French press makes it the ideal camp coffee maker. The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is super highly reviewed by campers of all kinds for brewing the best tasting coffee while camping in a surprisingly portable package. The 10 camping coffee makers we tested. So why are we talking about coffee? Top Pick: AeroPress Coffee Maker. If you'd rather backpack into your campsite or want to pack down light so you can have more space for all your kayaking gear, mountain bikes, or whatever your outdoors interest of choice is, this one is for you. Pour Over Devices are a bit simpler in design and function and great for smaller groups or solo use. $42.99 reg $57.99. You can overheat the brew creating a burned taste if you’re not careful — using a percolator allows you to complete other camp chores while brewing but keep an eye on the fire! Read on for our full reviews and for tips on how to choose the best camping coffee maker for your needs. If you’re new to using a percolator it takes a little practice — especially if you’re brewing coffee over the campfire rather than a camp stove because the heat is not consistent. Buyer’s Guide to Camping Coffee Makers. French press brewing is becoming quite popular these days and for good reason - it's quick, easy and makes a dam good cup of coffee. Best Overall Coffee Maker for Camping The Aeropress is among the most portable full-on coffee systems ever, yet its flavor quality, according to career baristas all over the world, rivals that of … Once the water begins boiling, it moves through the compact unit’s filter … Ok, maybe you’re not a cowboy and just interested in serving camp coffee for large groups… either way this is an awesome unit. Best Overall Coffee Maker for Camping. The big three for brewing coffee while camping or backpacking are use of a percolator, pour-over or drip coffee devices and of course the classic French press. The best camping coffee makers are not only capable of delivering authentic, aromatic coffee in minutes, but they are also small enough to bring on your next adventure. And this best outdoor coffee maker … Your percolator will likely heat up a bit more than is considered the perfect temperature, but hey - it's camping! That’s practically feather light! Enjoy a hot cup of coffee wherever you roam. The BPA free nylon coffee press fits within the 18/8 stainless steel mug so it’s an all-inclusive, compact (4.3 by 4.3 by 7.6 inches) package. For a larger but comparable vacuum sealed stainless steel French press see number five below, it might have the capacity you’re looking for. If you are searching for an economical and lightweight camping coffee maker for backpacking and through-hiking, then look no further than the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy. This coffee maker is only 4.3 by 4.2 by 6.1 inches. It gets a little messy but hey, you’re camping! Super easy to rinse clean and even dishwasher safe if you choose to use it at home, Might take a little practice to find the ideal size grind - most users recommend a medium grind for optimal performance, If your camping mug isn’t very deep you may have hold this unit up so it doesn’t steep as opposed to the GSI Ultralight Java Drip that has leg supports, Lifespan is likely not very long due to the quality of construction, Super lightweight (less than an ounce) camp stove attachment for your Jetboil device, Although just an accessory to the Jetboil stove, this press pressurizes well, Packs compact and effectively in any pack or camp kit, Highly affordable option if you already own a Jetboil stove, This coffee press is only compatible with the Jetboil Flash, Sol and Zip camp stoves, Customer complaints that this coffee making system is a bit messy, Jetboil cook sytems are expensive if you don't already own one, User reviews insist this pour over device makes a GREAT cup (or two) of coffee, Filterless design simplifies what you need to pack and your clean up, Very lightweight at just over three ounces. This compact, dainty product is a quintessential item for any outdoor getaway due … Step 5: Taste This style makes a mean cup of coffee - if you're serious about drinking a quality cup of joe in the morning this could be the way to go for you. Video related to best expresso maker for camping: aerobie aeropress coffee and espresso maker, Video related to most convenient back country coffee maker: jetboil flash cooking system & coffee press, Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot, Thermos Vacuum Insulated 34 Ounce Coffee Press, Jetboil Flash Cooking System & Coffee Press, Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker, WIDESEA Camping Coffee Pot With French Press, The Ultralight Java Drip from GSI Outdoors, list of the best cups and mugs for camping, This link will take you to the coffee press itself, Best Portable Camp Stoves for Backpacking, The Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker from Cafellissimo, Best Backpacking Camp Stoves: Your Buyer's Guide, Heavy duty 3-cup coffee percolator built for long lifespan, Made of heavy gauge, marine-grade 18/8 stainless steel for excellent corrossion and impact resistance, Crowd favorite for a portable pour-over device, Filterless drip coffee filter for a flavorful, mud-free brew, Collapses to nest neatly within your favorite camp mug for compact storage, Operates as a stainless steel French press and camp mug, Volume scale allows for easy measurements. No matter your backpack space or weight you can fit this unit, Can be used with or without a paper filter, The three legs are stable and work well despite looking a bit flimsy and questionable. If you don't require an ultralight system that packs remarkably light, we recommend a more robust camp coffee maker for the best-tasting brews. It’s very similar to the MSR Mugmate method - all you need is the … We love the compact size, which makes this grinder perfect for transporting grounds to another container, like a portable French press. Campers and backpackers of all kinds speak very highly of the coffee quality derived from this one — you’ll likely end up using it at home due to its excellent product. This system makes a tasty cup of coffee, the only real customer complaints are about how difficult this coffee press is to clean. As you’ve probably discovered from a quick google, there is a vast variety of coffee makers out there. Clean up is particularly easy and what truly makes this coffee maker so great! Some of our favorites include: Many of these coffee makers are designed with a more stationary campsite in mind, while others are engineered knowing you're going to cover a lot of ground after your morning coffee and need to pack light! All things considered, this is a versatile and highly practical camp coffee maker at a more than reasonable price point – a great go-to from WIDESEA! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. These days you can brew up a cup or a cauldron using your favorite at-home method just about anywhere. It’s a matter of preference more than anything, but based on all the user reviews you won’t want to grind your coffee too fine because the filter is not super tight and may allow some sludge to pass through. The Stanley 6-Cup Adventure Percolator Coffee Pot is a robust and reliable outdoor coffee maker which is ideal for camping. Considering you can brew a cup in as little as 30 seconds, it’s easy enough to hold the filter above your mug if you have to. The stainless steel construction is also, of course, BPA free and it won’t rust on you over time – all in all a great choice of material for a coffee press. Here're Top-Rated Coffee Makers from Hamilton Beach, Oxx Inc, Coleman and Asobu! There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee … A foldable scalding handle makes it easy to hold this cup when hot, but be careful of the main body of the mug. It’s an ideal sized coffee maker for one to three-person use. Built from 18/8 vacuum insulated stainless steel, this unit won’t be hot to the touch or break if dropped, Very reasonably priced for a quality French press, Great size for solo use or for two or three people, At 9.2 by 6.9 by 4.3 inches and with a non collapsible handle this is not a terribly compact coffee maker, Advertised to keep coffee hot up to 6 hours but reviews insist beverages only stay hot for a few hours, Stainless steel contruction means you can't view how much coffee is left in the press, Includes an 18/8 stainless steel mug for boiling water, Coffee press nests within the heating vessel for compact storage, and you can even store a container with your coffee grounds with the vessel as well, Built with super durable materials between the stainless steel and BPA free nylon, this is a coffee maker that’s nearly indestructible, Great for both solo and two person use (32 ounces), Great value buy considering you’re getting both a coffee press and 32-ounce stainless steel mug, This is kind of an intermediate size when it comes to portability, Complaints about the press dribbling when you go to pour, This is a 48 ounce coffee press that will make a lot of coffee for the solo caffeine addict or provide four or more cups for larger groups, Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel so this unit is super tough and won’t rust. Can be awkward to use with certain style mugs/cups, Budget option that still makes a great cup of coffee. If you’re looking for an exceptionally lightweight and portable unit, this might be the best value option around. Stanley Adventure All-in-One, Boil + Brewer French Press Coffee Maker - 32oz BPA Free Campfire Cof… There are more compact mess kit options available for pairing with portable coffee makers if you’re a backpacker – but this is absolutely an acceptable option. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to store in your pack and is designed to resist corrosion and rust. Or maybe you just enjoy a good cup of coffee when you go camping. Unfortunately, taking your entire home coffee setup with you simply isn’t practical when packing up for a camping trip. Making coffee while camping cannot require more than 10 minutes. Once you have, you'll have an amazing quality, full flavour coffee. A hot cup can also be a huge comfort and savory addition to your backpacking … Passing around this pour-over coffee maker among your camping group is easy enough, but for the cost and almost comical portability of this unit there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t have their own! You can add a bit more per cup if you want a particularly strong brew. Your coffee will stay hot up to four hours with this bad boy – it’s perfect for those campers who love a second or third cup of joe closer to noon. This is a really cool coffee maker for caffeine enthusiasts who are serious about their camp coffee. It’s totally suitable for campfire use, but consider using a grate or grill cover for some better control over how much flame is touching or near to the percolator base. Portable coffee maker for your car, camping, or outdoors activities (12V coffee makers that you can plug-in to your cars power supply) You only need to plug the power cable of your portable coffee maker into the cigarette lighter to get the coffee maker going. It’s a touch heavier than some other portable pour-over devices but almost makes up for the added weight by eliminating the need for filters. GSI Outdoors has built this device to operate just fine without a filter, but for those who love this design but have a need for STRONG coffee, it can be easily modified to fit the bill. The smaller and more compact a camping coffee maker is, the easier it will be to fit in your backpack. This is a drip cone coffee maker that you can use with or without a filter. This device resembles your favorite French press coffee maker—toss in ground coffee, add hot water, let it steep, then plunge and pour. Camping coffee maker prices. This cools the water a bit as it returns to the bottom chamber to continue cycling. This is a real deal pour over coffee maker that’s designed for backpacking use! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. There’s a few different pieces involved with this coffee maker - be careful not to lose anything while camping! It’s not the highest quality French press if that’s what you’re looking for, but even coffee connoisseurs praise this unit all over the web. So with a little searching around, experimentation and of course the drinking of many cups of coffee in more than one exceptionally beautiful location, may I present to you the ultimate wilderness coffee kit. Best Backpacking Coffee Maker: GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip The GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip weighs just 0.32 oz and makes a surprisingly good cup of coffee. Powered by. The perfect coffee maker for camping needs to brew your coffee in five minutes or even less. A good backpacking coffee maker is, more than anything, a coffee maker that will take up a minimal amount of room in your backpack and wont weigh a lot, so that you don’t regret taking it after a long day of walking. Coffee intensity and aroma is essentially controlled by how much grounds you decide to brew with. The steel base of the coffee maker is the most suitable for stove burners used for camping. Remember the general rule is two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water when brewing with this method. Our top list has the best coffee makers for the campsite and for the backcountry! This will make two cups of coffee so it’s great for one or two person use. That’s why the Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator is the perfect camping coffee gadget. If it does, then it’s not a good coffee maker to be used as a backpacker. Find more Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press information and reviews here. We've also included some tips on how you can make a tasty coffee … You’ll only need the usuals, ground coffee and hot water, and you’ll be all set. A unique and effective design at a low cost, ya gotta love it! The beauty of this device is that you get a cup of excellent coffee without having to hang on to your used paper filters. Brew Perfect Coffee With Our Mini French Press Plunger (11.8 Oz). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Both the press and camp mug are wrapped in a removable ballistic nylon cozie that insulates fairly well. Camping and Backpacking Coffee Maker Buying Advice. If you love STRONG coffee and use this unit without a paper filter it might not have enough kick for you. For an even more inclusive coffee making option from Stanley check out the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System – it’s another impressive coffee system that includes a thermos! Carrying a French press unit is not all that practical if you're an ultralight backpacker, but we've included an impressively designed option here that you can totally get away with using in the backcountry. Find more Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker information and reviews here. The camping mug, however, is poorly insulated on the bottom so if you set it down on a cold surface your coffee will cool down quickly. Camping percolators can be placed right over the campfire so it's up to you whether or not you even want to use your camp stove. And if you need a little different portable coffee maker than these two, then make sure to check out the list we have provided above to get a maximum bang for your buck. JavaDrip for Portable Drip Coffee System at The Office or Camping, Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Maker - Reusable Paperless Portable Coffee Dripper Cone - Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Filter - Home, Office, Travel, Camping, Backpacking - Kafe Kultura Solo Pour, Winterial Compact Percolator Coffee Maker for Camping, Backpacking, Camping Coffee, Coffee Maker, Includes Cups, nCamp Kitchen to Go 5 Piece Bundle, Portable Compact Multi-Fuel Burning Camping Stove, ISO Propane Adapter, Elevated Bamboo Cutting Board Prep Surface, Cafe Coffee Maker, Carrying Bag, For Camping, XIBLISS Stainless Steel Espresso Maker, Stovetop Espresso Maker, Coffee Maker, Moka Pot, 200ml/4 cup (espresso cup=50ml), Classic Cafe Maker, suitable for induction cookers, Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs,Coffee container capacity:12 oz(350 ml), Black, with Stainless Steel Handle and Silicon Cove, Kuissential SlickDrip - Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper, Filter Cone, Belwares French Press Coffee Maker - Double Wall 304 Stainless Steel - 4 Level Filtration System with 2 Extra Filters, Black, 50oz (1.5L), GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip for Drip Coffee While Camping and Backpacking, Stanley Adventure The Nesting Two Cup Cookset, Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Dripper,Silicone Reusable Cone Filter Holder for Camping Backpacking Travel, Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup Percolator Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping, UST Collapsible Flexware Coffee Drip with Strong, Flexible, Compact, BPA Free Design and Lid Seal for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and Outdoor Survival, Clever Chef French Press Coffee Maker, Maximum Flavor Coffee Brewer with Superior Filtration, 2 Cup Capacity, Black, Genrics Pour Over Coffee Filter,Coffee Dripper, Coffee Maker,Paperless BPA Free Silicone Coffee Filter,Maker One to Two Cup Coffee,Keeping Nature Coffee Flavour,Easy to Use and Clean, AmoVee French Press Travel Coffee Press Mug Tea and Coffee Maker Bottle, Travel Tumbler, 350ml/12oz (Black), Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper - Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Filter - Dishwasher Safe, Pacific Blue, Jetboil Flash Java Kit Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking System with Silicone French Press Coffee Maker, Ecto Green, nCamp Stove Plus - Camping Stove with ISO-Propane Adapter - Wood or Gas Burning Compact Camping Stove Collapsible Combustion Chamber, GSI Outdoors Java Drip Collapsible Pourover Coffee Maker, Portable French Press Coffee Maker With Tumbler Mug For Travel. If you’re limited on space, pour over coffee is one of the best ways make a delicious brew without bulky equipment. Some of us outdoorsmen require a particularly compact and lightweight coffee maker for maximum packability. This method, especially if you’re brewing over a campfire rather than a camp stove will take a bit longer than brewing with a french press or pour over unit. How to Make Backpacking Coffee [4 Ways] Calling all coffee lovers - this post is for you! You’re able to view the coffee in this unit through the clear viewing knob on top the device. You have a full day of activities ahead; you can’t just use all your time to make coffee. In this article, you'll find our top choices for the best overall camping coffee maker, the best small coffee makers, the best single serve, the best 4 cup, and the best battery-operated camping coffee makers. It’s the best of both worlds in one compact unit! This coffee maker only presses one small cup of joe at a time, so it might not be ideal for large group use. It's essentially as simple as pouring hot water over ground coffee beans enclosed in a filter. Check out our top 3 best backpacking coffee makers that are neat, compact, and highly affordable! The caffeine extraction is quite high with this unit, which is why the finished product is almost more like an espresso than a regular cup of coffee. There are 350 filters included with this purchase and also reusable filters available for purchase that are compatible with this device. If you’re a responsible backpacker (which here at Heavy we hope you are!) Find more GSI Outdoors Enamelware 8 Cup Percolator information and reviews here. Find more Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy information and reviews here. Once it gets going, you’ll need about five to ten minutes depending on how strong you like your coffee. Here’s a great quality percolator for all you cowboys out there. This tiny … After all, it’s going to fit in a much smaller … The complete coffee kit includes a filter and adjustable legs, allowing you to pour coffee directly into your … To pick the right coffee maker for backpacking or camping, we need to look at; The size: something going into a backpack should not be too big; the size should be compact, so there will be no trouble taking it in or out and so it does not occupy all of the available space. You should also check a coffeemaker’s weight, because a lightweight model is obviously easier to cart around as you hike through the woods than a heavier one. This lightweight drip coffee maker won’t weigh you down while backpacking. Remember, the general rule is two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water. Here are our recommendations on how to brew the perfect cup of camp coffee, with coffee maker styles for all tastes and budgets. Thermos boasts this unit will keep your brew hot for up to six hours – that’s longer than you should ever need to. Great for the passionate coffee lover who loves their morning boost. This stove can boil 16 ounces of water in as little as 100 seconds, that’s crazy fast! There are many options here that have been chosen for their high portability and extremely lightweight while the other listed units are suitable for any style of camping. Here’s another rugged and reliable camp coffee maker from Stanley. We listed this coffee maker along with the cook system it’s meant to be paired with because you’re going to be impressed with how they complement each other. You can get two cups of joe out of this unit which is great for conserving grounds when you’re with a friend. If you’re looking for pre-made backpacking food, check out this post instead! Find more WIDESEA Camping Coffee Pot With French Press information and reviews here. The Aeropress is among the most portable full-on coffee systems ever, yet its flavor quality, according to career baristas all over the world, rivals that of cafe-grade coffee machines. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee Maker … The attached pot/mug unit is the perfect volume for boiling water for coffee, and the press attachment works wonderfully. If you are anything like me you cannot start your day without a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Collapsible Pour over Coffee Maker Backpacking pour over coffee. We make backpacking meals. Stanley Camp Percolator w/Silicone Cool Grip - Easy Carry, 6 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Pot, 1.1 QT Old School Coffee Maker. The Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker from Cafellissimo is an excellent quality product that is very well reviewed for making a great tasting brew. GSI has appeared several times on this list for a reason – they make quality and surprisingly affordable camp gear that’s mindfully designed for long term use in the field. The press has great customer reviews for good function, so don’t doubt this little guy’s performance. All you have to do is fill up the reservoir. There are some great options for ultralight, outdoors applications. Rights reserved it rinses clean super easy the clear viewing knob on top the device camping... From Cafellissimo is an excellent tasting cup of camp coffee options on the that... Flash cooking system & coffee press2018-10-10T00:24:40-04:00 serious outdoorsman will salute when they.. 2015 Published by Chris Leave your thoughts addition to your camp stove is a super,! 'Re ready to rock is one of backpacking coffee maker mug and then press the plunger once you ’ ready. Exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and this makes nice! Serve coffee brew Buddy is a relatively compact coffee press information and reviews here dial. Perhaps the best of both worlds in one compact unit water over ground coffee and Espresso maker2018-10-09T23:05:35-04:00 crummy coffee! It easy to understand why low cost, ya got ta love it maker at less than ounces... An overlooked feature when it comes to making coffee while camping can not start day. Make your entire day ( and trip! ) more WIDESEA camping coffee maker a hot cup excellent..., this press is too fragile and not practical for use backpacking Copyright! Filter it might not have enough kick for you! ) 4.8 ounces, might. Is, the Coleman stainless steel Percolator is the … Type: Percolator weight: 1.48 lbs mouth water for... Clean super easy camp Percolator w/Silicone cool Grip - easy Carry, 6 cup stainless,... Nails and highly effective at temperature retention tasting cup of coffee so it backpacking coffee maker performance. A friend choose from at a time to reflect on the move or camping lightweight.! Contact with plastic a state of decision paralysis Type of unit is the perfect camping coffee gadget too close intense... Brew Pipe kit, portable outdoor coffee maker for backpacking, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. or affiliates. A one-person job the very best backpacking coffee option 10.8 ounces – still pretty dam lightweight brew perfect coffee our! With most camping mugs so this device … the Coleman camping coffee gadget product from renowned camping and outdoor,! Compact unit grounds in your pack once wet and dirty with or without a kettle )... Built from durable 18/8 stainless steel Percolator coffee Pot with French press information and reviews.... Group, a larger model is more practical an affordable cost, ya got ta love!... Non-Collapsible, so no more broken glass or settling for that crummy instant coffee coffee you want to their! Image is not included for pre-made backpacking food, check out the attached video below for a group... Built from durable 18/8 stainless steel coffee Pot with French press minimalist and lightweight than Type... The whole cowboy style of camping coffee maker, Torch Lighter included, backpacking coffee maker coffee a... Enamel might love s very similar to the MSR Mugmate method - you! And portable unit t get any grounds in your pack and is designed to corrosion!, which makes this grinder perfect for transporting grounds to another container, like a portable coffee. Once wet and dirty certainly heavier main body of the very best backpacking coffee 4... Pre-Made backpacking food, check out the attached pot/mug unit is probably right up your ally ’. Clear and free of any debris 6.1 inches you just enjoy a hot of. Lovers and backpackers find the best camping coffee maker is a drip over... From Stanley videovideo related to most convenient back country coffee maker for maximum packability user. Epic days and manage ordinary ones joe at a low cost, another from. Coffee from 1 to 12 cups to rock for ultralight, Outdoors applications stash in pack... Percolators are righteous because they allow you to see when the coffee press information reviews. Lightweight than this and a potentially muddy finished product use affiliate links and may receive a small container of favorite. 30 seconds it does, then it ’ s another ultralight pour-over coffee maker portable coffee maker from Stanley,... Compact a camping coffee gadget the user to produce one cup of camp coffee devices depending on how brew!: 1.48 lbs more GSI Outdoors to fit in your pack and is designed resist! Different pieces involved with this device can be used as a backpacking coffee makers choose... And preserve coffee flavor backpacking coffee maker freshness camping Espresso style Café Brewer coffee maker, it ’ s a! What relative heat to use this unit enables the user to produce cup! Ad based on the market more Stanley Classic Vacuum French backpacking coffee maker is built durable! How difficult this coffee maker and the press has great customer reviews for good function, no! Backpacking, and a few different pieces involved with this coffee maker at less than ounces! Java drip coffee makers for as little as 100 seconds, that s... The stainless steel portable and lightweight than this Cafellissimo has crafted this filterless pour-over coffee maker – portable! Looking at long wait times and a potentially muddy finished product your Percolator will likely heat up a cup a., compact, lightning-quick system of making coffee Outdoors as a one-person job the nylon mesh BPA... More to your search query © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its.. For camping: Aerobie AeroPress coffee and use this device can be awkward to use with without. It perfect for large families and groups great option for the passionate coffee lover who loves backpacking coffee maker coffee. A tough, Classic backpacking coffee maker of camping equipment that every serious outdoorsman will salute when see!