Cats are picky when it comes to litter. Cats’ systems are actually designed to poop properly without getting any cat dingleberries stuck in their fur. hello veronizm, Eating kittens poop and wee is natural to a mother cat she will do this for 3-4 weeks since the kittens survive with mother's milk there is no harm to mother cat doing this things becoz if she doesn't do this her kitten will get blood poisoning or will die soon this is also the way how mother cat give stimulus to her new born kittens. Generally, neither of these conditions are the result of an underlying disease, but may be the result of a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Having feces everywhere could attract danger, and it will cause disease. Just as a bad diet affects us and our own stool, it also causes smelly poop in cats. I look after some orphan kittens and we do this thing with a moist cotton like in every 3-4 hours. The mother cat is simply keeping her space and her kittens clean. You don’t have to tell anybody; your secret is … Mother cats will eat their kittens if she believes they’re in danger from predators. Your cat has a built-in instinct, much like the hamsters on the video. You can expect a kitten to poop after waking from a nap, after eating a meal, and after playtime. Naturally, it is much easier for a cat with long fur to get poop stuck in its fur than it is for a short-haired cat. Your cat's dislike may have to do with one or some of the following: texture; scent; quantity; quality It can be difficult to determine exactly what it is they’re eating causing the issue as some cats will have a sensitivity to an ingredient in their food. I’ve seen too many cats too late to help, simply because their guardian hoped it would resolve on its own. She then licks up everything. However, it is not a rare sight in household cats, especially if they have long fur. Hi – thanks for your email. Yes, this is very normal, if the mother cat don' do it the kittens can not pee or poo and they will die. (5 Common Causes and Solutions) Diet. Make sure your kitten has easy access to multiple litter boxes to help prevent accidents. Pica is a medical issue referring to a craving for non-food items and the subsequent eating of them. When you have a cat you get accustomed to their poop antics — from littering outside of the box to find random ‘gifts’ in the most remote corners of your house.. Ensure your cat has a safe area for her birth and while kittens still require her for survival. Your question is when do kittens generally start eating kitten food and eliminating on their own. No if your cat eat other cats poop then it is not good for your cat health. If given the opportunity, many kittens will begin eating on their own (some kitten food) starting at 3 weeks of age. If you notice anything odd in your cat’s poop, don’t delay; seek veterinary help. My best advice is keep spying on your cat’s litter box. Another side of mercy is she will ensure she can produce enough milk for her litter. Coprophagia is the eating and ingesting of feces. But it’s not uncommon for a cat, especially a male cat, to suddenly stop covering his poop in a litter box. If you switch your cat's litter on them suddenly, that gives them a very good reason (in their cat mind) to poop outside of the litter box. Mother cats will lick their kitten's bottoms to stimulate them. But kittens have very small bowels, so they will need to eliminate often. Cats usually cover their waste, and don’t need their owner’s help. Animals do this with their babies to keep their nest/den clean and keep the scent down. That sounds like a lot, and it is! 5. Your Cat Doesn't Like Its Litter. If they are nursing and don’t have access to kitten food, then they obviously won’t eat it. How often do kittens poop? Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad? Because kittens need a certain stimmulus in order to pee or poe and the mother is giving that stimmulus by lick their botom. This will not come as a surprise.