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Xavier Raul Montes - Chicano Artist

Xavier's art is available for purchase by contacting the artist directly. Please call Xavier at (805) 525-8961 or email at BigX@xaviermontes.com for an appointment. To view a larger image click the desired image.

Antonio, ©2007, X. Montes
©2007, X. Montes; $350
Lista Pa' Tocar, ©2005, X. Montes
"Lista Pa' Tocar"
©2005, X. Montes; $400
Aparición; ©2007, X. Montes
©2007, X. Montes; $450
Building Blocks; ©2007, X. Montes
"Building Blocks"
©2007, X. Montes; NFS
El Olmeca; ©2005, X. Montes
"El Olmeca"
©2005, X. Montes; NFS
Emiliano Vive; ©2006, X. Montes
"Emiliano Vive"
©2006, X. Montes; $300
Mujer Divina; ©2005, X. Montes
"Mujer Divina"
©2005, X. Montes; SOLD
Reflecting; ©2006, X. Montes
©2006, X. Montes; $150
Spirits; ©2007, X. Montes
©2007, X. Montes; $200
Xochitl; ©2007, X. Montes
©2007, X. Montes; SOLD
Carlita; ©2007, X. Montes
©2007, X. Montes; $300
Mujer Zapatista; ©2006, X. Montes
"Mujer Zapatista"
©2006, X. Montes; NFS

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